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Kasia's Beef Pierogi

Beef Pierogi


Traditional European dumplings filled with seasoned ground beef and minced yellow onion. 11.5 oz. (326g)


  • Authentic Recipe

  • Made in a Corn-Free Facility

  • Made in a Nut-Free Facility

  • Dairy-Free*

  • Zero Trans Fat

  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors

  • SQF Food Safety Certified

  • USDA Inspected

  • 4.5 Servings per Package

  • Heat & Serve


*Made on shared equipment that processes products containing Milk

Cooking Instructions

If frozen, thaw before preparing. DO NOT RE-FREEZE. OVERCOOKING DECREASES QUALITY. Cook thoroughly, for food safety and quality.
Heat to a minimum internal temperature of 165°F. Heating times may vary depending on equipment used.


Preheat skillet. Add 3 tbsp of oil and heat. Place Pierogi in a skillet, do not overcrowd. Cook on low heat for 6 min, then 2 min on medium heat. Turn occasionally. 


Heat 1 qt of water in a small pot to slow boil. Place Pierogi in boiling water, uncovered for 2-3 mins, or until they rise to top, stir occasionally. Drain.


Serve with sautéed onions & sour cream, bacon bits, sautéed mushrooms & fresh herbs, stew or your favorite sauce.

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